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GRACEFUL  Aligner from china denture factory is a self-worn orthodontic device for straightening misaligned teeth. Clear Aligner consists of custom, removable clear braces.

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GRACEFUL Beauty Clear Aligner from china denture factory is a self-worn orthodontic device for straightening misaligned teeth. Clear Aligner consists of custom, removable clear braces. A simple and convenient method of invisible teeth straightening. High-quality dental designs make you smile, and it’s never too late for a consistent smile.

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Dental metal framework product advantages

Clear Aligner description:

Graceful s Clear Aligner from china denture factory is a self-worn orthodontic device for straightening misaligned teeth. Clear Aligner consists of custom, removable clear braces.

By slight mechanical force from each clear aligner tray, teeth move gradually according to the treatment planned.


Principle of Clear Aligner:

The slight mechanical force acts on the teeth through each brace and then gradually changes the direction of the teeth to move to the desired position.


Clear Aligner advantages:

1. 3D design, 3D printing

The Clear Aligner of the china denture factory uses a slight mechanical force from each transparent appliance tray to gradually move the teeth according to the planned treatment.

2. Comfortable and painless

Say goodbye to traditional brackets and wired devices, and the correction process is no longer painful.

3. Can be removed by yourself

When eating, special occasions, and important meetings, the Clear Aligner can be removed by itself.

4. Fully transparent orthodontic braces

The Clear Aligner of china denture factory is completely invisible within the average social distance and will not affect your work and life.

5. Personalized customization

GRACEFUL digitally designs and customizes the exclusive Clear Aligner according to each person’s dental data.

6. Maintain oral hygiene

Thanks to its removable nature, the GRACEFUL Beauty Clear Aligner from china denture factory allows you to clean your teeth in general without the deterioration of oral hygiene, gingivitis, demineralization and discoloration of the tooth surface caused by traditional orthodontics and other side effects.


Primary materials of Clear Aligner:

Polyethylene terephthalate, CE. FDA certified biocompatible material.

GRACEFUL Clear Aligner treatment plan guidance:

Dentists of Clear Aligner GRACEFUL must emphasize to users that Clear Aligner from our factory should be worn continuously for 20-22 hours a day. Teeth are only extracted on their own when eating and cleaning. During the rectification process, regular return visits must be made. Wear each Clear Aligner for two weeks as directed by your dentist. The average duration of treatment varies from 4 months to 18 months, depending on the circumstances of each case.

Clear Aligner indications:

GRACEFUL Clear Aligner from our factory  , is mainly used to correct dental problems such as crowded teeth, misaligned midline, irregular dentition, twisted teeth and gaps.

Clear Aligner, an invisible corrector, is in clear plastic braces. It is an orthodontic device used to adjust and straighten teeth.

Our Clear Aligner is considered a thinner and safer alternative to metal braces. Orthodontists use 3D printed molds and digital modeling to align patients’ teeth for functional and stable occlusion sequentially.


Clear Aligner Manufacturing Process

1. Our Clear Aligner manufacturing began with 3D intraoral scanners. The orthodontist will determine the desired results and plan incremental stages of the alignment process.

china denture factory 3D printers convert digital molds into physical molds made of resin material.

2. In some cases, patients with metal braces can use printed molds to make retainers. These molds are more precise than viscous molds down to a few hundred microns by being fully customized.

3. The Clear Aligner from our factory is made of clear plastic material that is heated and moulded onto continuously printed dental models for a perfect fit. As with regular metal braces, dental offices perform X-rays and take pictures of the patient’s teeth from different angles before the treatment procedure.

4. Second, digital scanning will be carried out using a scanner device that captures up to 5000 images per second, creating an accurate and high-resolution 3D digital replica of the tooth formation.

5. Third, using CAD/CAM software, a 3D model will be made. The benefit of this is that patients can now see a simulation of their smile transition step by step from start to finish. Finally, the files will be sent to the GRACEFUL manufacturing team, ready for production and delivery once the digital creation is complete.

China GRACEFUL Beauty Clear Aligner Advantages

1. Clear Aligner is tailored to fit patients. In other words, they are personalized products that are different. 3D printing is an innovative technology to address advanced customization, feasibility, and flexibility. It accelerates the entire process by producing high-volume custom molds directly from digital scanning.

2. Clear Aligner can reduce orthodontic treatment time from six months to twelve months, while metal braces will last twice as long.

3. Surveys show that most people prefer Clear Aligner from china denture factory because it is easier to remove before meals and is comfortable during the day. In addition, the survey showed that teens with metal braces were less social when socializing with friends, leading to depression, anxiety and lower self-confidence. Therefore, the Clear Aligner of GRACEFUL, a Chinese dental outsourcing, can improve dental health and reduce users’ stress.

Clear Aligner Comparison

Metal braces can carry specific side effects, and a common problem is tooth decay, as most patients tend to be lazy when flossing their teeth. However, you can remove the china denture factory Clear Aligner to brush your teeth. Infrequent brushing can cause discoloration. There is a risk that brushing your teeth infrequently may cause discoloration. Implementing GRACEFUL Aligner will reduce the number of dental visits compared to traditional metal braces.

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