Team Management

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Graceful implements the strategic policy of "talent development" and the staff is the source of power for the development of the enterprise. The company has always insisted on the principle of employing "people with talent and virtue will be used; people with talent and no virtue will be controlled and used; people with virtue and no talent will be cultivated and used; people without talent and no virtue will be resolutely not used". The company has established a systematic human resource management system in the "selection, recruitment, use, retention and training" of talents, and designed a career development plan for each employee.

At present, Graceful has more than 800 employees, of which more than 600 are professional technicians, accounting for more than 80%.
Graceful Dental is committed to building an "elite and harmonious team" - under the strategic development plan of the company, Graceful people can give full play to their talents and meet every challenge together with the team. The team is a platform for people to achieve breakthroughs and transcend themselves, and the power of the team is even stronger! In this team, Graceful people are proud of Graceful and Meljing is wonderful because of me!