Implant Parts


Strength: Higher mechanical strength compared to Titanium 


Preservation: Preserves vital structures and less invasive grafting procedures.

Temporary Coping

Temporary Coping

Multi Angled Abutment

Multi angled

Flexibility: More treatment options with smaller implants 


Osseointegration: The excellent osseointegration properties of Graceful ®implants accessories in combination with other implants systems leads to reduced treatment complexity.

Multi Angled Abutment

Multi angled abutment1

Multi Abutment

Multi abutment
Patient acceptance

Patient acceptance: Less invasive treatment plans (Faster healing and less post-operative discomfort) can help to overcome many patient concerns. 


Evidence: The successful use of Graceful ®has been documented with up to 5-year follow- ups

Multi Abutment Transfer

Multi abutment transfer

Multi Abutment Driver

Multi abutment driver
Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind:  Special conditions for Graceful ®implants accessories with our guarantee terms.


Reliability: A 100% prof test ix executed in which every single Graceful implants accessoires are tested mechanically before leaving the production site.



3D Analog

3d printing substitute body

3D Analog

3D analog

We could customize different implant system !

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