Surgery Instrument Kit


Time:Immediate customized restorations thanks to prosthetically-driven implant planning.


Collaboration: Maximize treatment outcomes through fully digital collaborative planning.


Differentiation:of your dental practice with the integrated workflow that enhances your patients’ trust and confidence.


Efficiency: Efficient surgical procedures thanks to Graceful® Guided Surgery instruments.

We could customize different implant system of guided surgery instruments!

Today's patients require high quality and esthetic results, with a minimum number of appointments. To meet these expectations, seamless collaboration within the treatment team is crucial. Our integrated implant planning workflow offers innovative benefits for implant planning and prosthetic rehabilitation, together with an interdisciplinary team approach that increases efficiency and saves chair time during the surgical procedure.

Graceful has developed a range of surgical tools made of surgical stainless steel. Graceful’s surgical tools undergo thermal treatment that strengthen the steel and protects from wear. Graceful’s surgical tools are unique as they grip the screws and prevent them from falling into the patient’s mouth.

In order to better answer healthcare professionals’ needs, Graceful complete its own self-manufactured range of surgical tools in distributing others high quality accessories such as surgical boxes and drills.

Drill handle

Implant Adapter

Milling cutter

Mucosa Punch

Pilot drill

Ratchet adapter ratchet

Lateral Template Fixation drill

Ratchet implant driver

Lateral Template Fixation drill
Ratchet implant driver1.2L

Lateral Template pin Fixation Pins

Profile drill

Profile drillOCT50
Profile drillOCT45
Profile drillOCT40
Profile drillOCT35
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