What is in synthetic grass?

The actual green blade of synthetic grass is comprised of a polyethylene material, a common form of plastic that can be found in items such as bottles and plastic bags. The thatch layer of synthetic grass is made from a polypropylene, polyethylene, or nylon material

What color should I use?

The grass is not always greener… it can be pink, blue, black, tan or brown

Whether you want to choose commercial TURF INTL or a residential artificial lawn, the color process is all the same, we provide sample colors so each customer can choose the color of their liking.

What can be done about pet odors?

We offer exclusive pet infill systems for customers concerned about pet odors when installing artificial turf

What is infill?

In the turf world, there are many different types of infill and each one serves a different purpose. And infill is a layer comprised of sand used on top of the turf between the fibers.

How does weather affect synthetic grass ?

Synthetic grass is often found in areas with extreme climates because it is a more consistent landscape that will maintain durability and does not require constant upkeep. This is especially true of commercial or residential areas that desire the sought-after ‘manicured’ appearance. Additionally, if the weather gets too hot, a simple water spray will cool down grass in just a few seconds

Is synthetic grass good for the environment?

Absolutely! There are many environmental benefits:

a) Saves water by eliminating the need to use a sprinkler.

b) Reduces contaminants with no need for fertilization.

c) Reduces air pollution when lawn mowing is not required.

What is the lifespan of synthetic grass?

TURF INTL offers a 15 year manufacturer and a 3 years labor warranty to customers for our synthetic grass and artificial lawns

After-sale Service

Hunan Jiayi Import and Export Co., LTD localized in Changsha as the production and sales center, global service network. Cultivate a group of professional experts with sales team. Deeply involved in pre-sales consulting, planning, production progress follow-up, quality control, construction schedule, etc.